Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NSW Election Result

The people have spoken. They have booted the Labor Party from office with a record swing against their incompetent and factional style of government.

The Greens have also lost ground. People are waking up to their agenda and have realised that when something stinks then something has to be rotten

Thousands have supported Pauline Hanson’s return to politics and have voted accordingly. She is edging ever so close to winning a seat in the Upper House. Win or lose she has shown that there is support for common sense politics and a new revolt against politically correct censorship.

One Nation asks ‘why there is such a frenzy of finger pointing going on?’ Accusations are flying between the Greens and Labor as to who is to blame for Pauline having a chance in NSW politics. The fact is the people voted her in and they want someone to keep these scoundrels honest.

O’Farrell today claimed he was confident that despite the fact that Ms Hanson was ahead in the polls she would not get in. Interesting, for it was another Liberal politician who stopped her in the first place with a massive legal fund and a trumped-up charge.

And they have the hide to call Australia democratic.

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