Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Labor waste

One Nation NSW would like to question the sanity of our senior federal Labor politicians. It seems that after a string of policy failures they are intent on wasting more public money as the push Australians into a misery of debt. Billions have been lost and wasted in such schemes as the Pink Batts Fiasco, the BER, Solar panel rebates, and their soft approach to boatpeople and the list goes on. Now they want to give pensioners a set top box for their televisions at $400 apiece. The sad part is anyone can walk into an electrical retailer and pick one up for $30.00.

We believe this is nothing more than a bribe. Just like the one off payment of $900 to all and sundry Labor used when fist getting into office. Just like then most of this money will end up offshore in the pockets of Chinese manufacturers.

The benefit to pensioners you may ask? Well they will be able to see the massive increases in the cost of living when watching the news on digital TV. As electricity soars and petrol skyrockets the government gives them a set top box. This is after years of refusing to increase the pension and threatening to cut their pensions if they dare go out and try and earn an extra dollar to survive.

What is most amazing to One Nation however is the fact that Labor politicians have ridiculed our economic policies such as indexed pensions, lower individual taxes and free healthcare and dental for all Australians? This only confirms how far Labor is removed from reality as they fiddle like Nero as Rome burns.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cheap electricity is the right of all Australians

According to constitutional law, electricity is a public owned utility, an essential service vital to our basic standard of living and in a harsh climate even our very survival. That this very basic and essential service was allowed to be un-lawfully sold off to private enterprise is by definition an act of treason. Australians were deceived when Government committed to selling off essential services (without referendum), stating it would lead to greater competition and lower prices. Now welfare agencies report an epidemic of Australians having their power cut because they cannot pay their bill. As of 2007 there were 18,000 households just in NSW disconnected from their electricity supply and more than 22,000 disconnected from gas.

One Nation warns the worst is yet to come, as reported in the Courier Mail Jan. 1, 2010. “The wholesale price of electricity will more than double within two years and triple in the next two decades under the Rudd Government's plans to tackle climate change.” Prime Minister Gillard’s plan will deliver the same. At that time recent welfare agency research of those seeking emergency assistance with their energy bills across six Emergency Relief centers in greater metropolitan Sydney, the Illawarra and the Southern Highlands shows that single parents with children (44 per cent) were predominantly the ones seeking assistance. Children were also found to reside in 60 per cent of all households included in the study.

It also revealed that while many relied on government benefits, most households weren't on unemployment benefits and were not overly high users of energy. The vast majority were careers, single mothers, pensioners and those with disabilities, most went to Anglicare struggling to pay an energy bill of $300 or less. If it continues many will die in the winter and summer months and our struggling health system will be inundated with those suffering from pneumonia and heat stroke; this will mainly consist of the elderly, infirm and very young. In the meantime it will remain warm in winter and cool in summer in the halls of parliament house. It is a core policy and a mandate of One Nation to restore its people’s assets and security.

Monday, May 2, 2011

SunRice Sellout

One Nation is very concerned with the potential buyout of SunRice by the Spanish company Ebro. Our government’s lax approach to food security has meant that many of our Agricultural assets have been snapped up by foreign companies and governments.

It has become all too clear that many of the companies who are buying our farms and food production industries are doing so to shore up food supplies for their own countries. As populations grow and farm land is lost due to growing cities, food shortages will become common. Does this mean that Australians will miss out and go hungry as the food is sent offshore? It all looks good on the government’s balance sheet but that does not guarantee us quality food on our supermarket shelves.

One Nation believes we will see a lot more of this in the future as both sides of government are believers in globalisation. They have lost interest in building a strong Australia and now create policy to adapt our country into a state of the new world order rather than a sovereign and independent country. Their ignorance to the need of our producers is obvious as profits flow offshore and thousands walk off the land or go broke.

One Nation believes the answer is rural co-operatives. A government owned bank could supply low interest loans so that the Farmers co-operatives could build the business with profits staying local. Further this with a guaranteed water supply and infrastructure improvements in better roads and rail and we can create a viable and profitable business that the whole communities share in.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to protect our culture

There have been in recent times attacks on our Australian culture and identity. Customs that have been practiced for centuries are belittled by those who aspire to remove all traces of our heritage. There are even those in our community who would like to see the end of Christmas and Easter celebrations as they pander to minorities. Do these people suggest that instead of teaching our children about these long practiced rituals of love and sharing we should ban them in favour of some minority religious or cultural celebration?
It seems that in every way we are trying to appease some minority or other. From our government bowing to self interest groups when deciding policy or funding, to the current weak kneed approach to boat people and criminal detainees who destroy government property at will. It doesn’t matter which of the major parties you look at they have entrenched weaknesses and favour certain groups based on agenda or political donations.
People who migrate to Australia must accept our customs, laws and culture without question or go home to where they came from. Furthermore they should have to learn English and Australian history before they can gain full citizenship. Australians should never be forced to change customs, laws, celebrations or even the way our food is prepared to appease any culture or minority religious group.
One Nation believes our country and identity is worth fighting for as hundreds of thousands of Australians have done so in numerous wars to protect our sovereignty and freedom. Many of them made the supreme sacrifice to protect what we have and we will certainly not allow their memory to fade nor will we surrender the country they fought for.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Villawood Riots

One Nation condemns the criminal actions of the rioters at the Villawood detention centre. It seems that the same people who destroyed taxpayer’s property at Christmas Island have been allowed to do the same at Villawood. This is after our government spent tens of thousands of dollars chartering a private plane to fly them here at taxpayers’ expense.

Yet again the Australian people will have to pick up the bill for the Labor governments incompetent and soft policy towards illegal immigrants. If they were to adopt One Nation policy and remove these economic queue jumpers immediately as they arrive there would be no opportunity for them to cause problems.

There is no doubt that our country has an obligation to allow people in genuine need to migrate here. Those who follow the correct procedure and follow the set guidelines are most welcome. Those who jump queue’s and arrive illegally are not. Our governments continued pandering to these criminals demands does nothing to send out a strong message. One can only imagine the jokes about our weak replies to this violence and the amount of money we spend on trying to pacify these parasites.

One Nation calls on Chris Bowen to get tough or get out. The Australian people have had enough. We need strong government not gross political correctness and weak kneed policy aimed to appease imported terrorists and delusional refugee advocates.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paulines shock loss

One Nation congratulates Pauline Hanson on her candidature for the NSW Legislative Council.

Considering her late entry and the derogative attacks aimed at her by political opponents and segments of the media she achieved an outstanding result. However it can be seen that the voting system of this state and country need to be looked at when someone can win a majority of votes yet still miss out due to preference deals.

One Nation NSW is very encouraged by the swing of support back to Pauline for her position on many issues, are replicated in our policies. This gives us great hope that our success in Australian politics can only grow as more voters become frustrated with the two party system and associated corruption of our democracy.

We wish Pauline well and urge her to continue in Australian politics for One Nation will always support Independent politicians and minor parties who put Australians and their future ahead of party agenda and globalisation.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NSW Election Result

The people have spoken. They have booted the Labor Party from office with a record swing against their incompetent and factional style of government.

The Greens have also lost ground. People are waking up to their agenda and have realised that when something stinks then something has to be rotten

Thousands have supported Pauline Hanson’s return to politics and have voted accordingly. She is edging ever so close to winning a seat in the Upper House. Win or lose she has shown that there is support for common sense politics and a new revolt against politically correct censorship.

One Nation asks ‘why there is such a frenzy of finger pointing going on?’ Accusations are flying between the Greens and Labor as to who is to blame for Pauline having a chance in NSW politics. The fact is the people voted her in and they want someone to keep these scoundrels honest.

O’Farrell today claimed he was confident that despite the fact that Ms Hanson was ahead in the polls she would not get in. Interesting, for it was another Liberal politician who stopped her in the first place with a massive legal fund and a trumped-up charge.

And they have the hide to call Australia democratic.