Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Paulines shock loss

One Nation congratulates Pauline Hanson on her candidature for the NSW Legislative Council.

Considering her late entry and the derogative attacks aimed at her by political opponents and segments of the media she achieved an outstanding result. However it can be seen that the voting system of this state and country need to be looked at when someone can win a majority of votes yet still miss out due to preference deals.

One Nation NSW is very encouraged by the swing of support back to Pauline for her position on many issues, are replicated in our policies. This gives us great hope that our success in Australian politics can only grow as more voters become frustrated with the two party system and associated corruption of our democracy.

We wish Pauline well and urge her to continue in Australian politics for One Nation will always support Independent politicians and minor parties who put Australians and their future ahead of party agenda and globalisation.

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