Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Labor waste

One Nation NSW would like to question the sanity of our senior federal Labor politicians. It seems that after a string of policy failures they are intent on wasting more public money as the push Australians into a misery of debt. Billions have been lost and wasted in such schemes as the Pink Batts Fiasco, the BER, Solar panel rebates, and their soft approach to boatpeople and the list goes on. Now they want to give pensioners a set top box for their televisions at $400 apiece. The sad part is anyone can walk into an electrical retailer and pick one up for $30.00.

We believe this is nothing more than a bribe. Just like the one off payment of $900 to all and sundry Labor used when fist getting into office. Just like then most of this money will end up offshore in the pockets of Chinese manufacturers.

The benefit to pensioners you may ask? Well they will be able to see the massive increases in the cost of living when watching the news on digital TV. As electricity soars and petrol skyrockets the government gives them a set top box. This is after years of refusing to increase the pension and threatening to cut their pensions if they dare go out and try and earn an extra dollar to survive.

What is most amazing to One Nation however is the fact that Labor politicians have ridiculed our economic policies such as indexed pensions, lower individual taxes and free healthcare and dental for all Australians? This only confirms how far Labor is removed from reality as they fiddle like Nero as Rome burns.

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