Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cheap electricity is the right of all Australians

According to constitutional law, electricity is a public owned utility, an essential service vital to our basic standard of living and in a harsh climate even our very survival. That this very basic and essential service was allowed to be un-lawfully sold off to private enterprise is by definition an act of treason. Australians were deceived when Government committed to selling off essential services (without referendum), stating it would lead to greater competition and lower prices. Now welfare agencies report an epidemic of Australians having their power cut because they cannot pay their bill. As of 2007 there were 18,000 households just in NSW disconnected from their electricity supply and more than 22,000 disconnected from gas.

One Nation warns the worst is yet to come, as reported in the Courier Mail Jan. 1, 2010. “The wholesale price of electricity will more than double within two years and triple in the next two decades under the Rudd Government's plans to tackle climate change.” Prime Minister Gillard’s plan will deliver the same. At that time recent welfare agency research of those seeking emergency assistance with their energy bills across six Emergency Relief centers in greater metropolitan Sydney, the Illawarra and the Southern Highlands shows that single parents with children (44 per cent) were predominantly the ones seeking assistance. Children were also found to reside in 60 per cent of all households included in the study.

It also revealed that while many relied on government benefits, most households weren't on unemployment benefits and were not overly high users of energy. The vast majority were careers, single mothers, pensioners and those with disabilities, most went to Anglicare struggling to pay an energy bill of $300 or less. If it continues many will die in the winter and summer months and our struggling health system will be inundated with those suffering from pneumonia and heat stroke; this will mainly consist of the elderly, infirm and very young. In the meantime it will remain warm in winter and cool in summer in the halls of parliament house. It is a core policy and a mandate of One Nation to restore its people’s assets and security.

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