Thursday, April 21, 2011

Villawood Riots

One Nation condemns the criminal actions of the rioters at the Villawood detention centre. It seems that the same people who destroyed taxpayer’s property at Christmas Island have been allowed to do the same at Villawood. This is after our government spent tens of thousands of dollars chartering a private plane to fly them here at taxpayers’ expense.

Yet again the Australian people will have to pick up the bill for the Labor governments incompetent and soft policy towards illegal immigrants. If they were to adopt One Nation policy and remove these economic queue jumpers immediately as they arrive there would be no opportunity for them to cause problems.

There is no doubt that our country has an obligation to allow people in genuine need to migrate here. Those who follow the correct procedure and follow the set guidelines are most welcome. Those who jump queue’s and arrive illegally are not. Our governments continued pandering to these criminals demands does nothing to send out a strong message. One can only imagine the jokes about our weak replies to this violence and the amount of money we spend on trying to pacify these parasites.

One Nation calls on Chris Bowen to get tough or get out. The Australian people have had enough. We need strong government not gross political correctness and weak kneed policy aimed to appease imported terrorists and delusional refugee advocates.

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