Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to protect our culture

There have been in recent times attacks on our Australian culture and identity. Customs that have been practiced for centuries are belittled by those who aspire to remove all traces of our heritage. There are even those in our community who would like to see the end of Christmas and Easter celebrations as they pander to minorities. Do these people suggest that instead of teaching our children about these long practiced rituals of love and sharing we should ban them in favour of some minority religious or cultural celebration?
It seems that in every way we are trying to appease some minority or other. From our government bowing to self interest groups when deciding policy or funding, to the current weak kneed approach to boat people and criminal detainees who destroy government property at will. It doesn’t matter which of the major parties you look at they have entrenched weaknesses and favour certain groups based on agenda or political donations.
People who migrate to Australia must accept our customs, laws and culture without question or go home to where they came from. Furthermore they should have to learn English and Australian history before they can gain full citizenship. Australians should never be forced to change customs, laws, celebrations or even the way our food is prepared to appease any culture or minority religious group.
One Nation believes our country and identity is worth fighting for as hundreds of thousands of Australians have done so in numerous wars to protect our sovereignty and freedom. Many of them made the supreme sacrifice to protect what we have and we will certainly not allow their memory to fade nor will we surrender the country they fought for.

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