Monday, May 2, 2011

SunRice Sellout

One Nation is very concerned with the potential buyout of SunRice by the Spanish company Ebro. Our government’s lax approach to food security has meant that many of our Agricultural assets have been snapped up by foreign companies and governments.

It has become all too clear that many of the companies who are buying our farms and food production industries are doing so to shore up food supplies for their own countries. As populations grow and farm land is lost due to growing cities, food shortages will become common. Does this mean that Australians will miss out and go hungry as the food is sent offshore? It all looks good on the government’s balance sheet but that does not guarantee us quality food on our supermarket shelves.

One Nation believes we will see a lot more of this in the future as both sides of government are believers in globalisation. They have lost interest in building a strong Australia and now create policy to adapt our country into a state of the new world order rather than a sovereign and independent country. Their ignorance to the need of our producers is obvious as profits flow offshore and thousands walk off the land or go broke.

One Nation believes the answer is rural co-operatives. A government owned bank could supply low interest loans so that the Farmers co-operatives could build the business with profits staying local. Further this with a guaranteed water supply and infrastructure improvements in better roads and rail and we can create a viable and profitable business that the whole communities share in.

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